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Sunday, March 31

The Year Of The Jumper

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Since today's Easter Sunday, I thought it might be hip to share something relevant to the occasion. Like in my case, a serious and humorless egg hunting outfit-- if it is in any way an egg hunting outfit or if there is such. Fine, it's not, is it? Just at least give me an A for trying to be relevant. 

If you've been reading my blog, you most probably know that I'm in that getting-out-of-the-box stage and here's my second take on it-- the almost forgotten denim jumper. (Read about my first take here: The Preppy Kid)

We all had our jumper moments, in childhood, I mean. Left and right, jumper everywhere. Well, it had its time but one of the many secrets of fashion is that it repeats itself. And I say we bring it back! A few touches of the modern trends and ta ta! A re-engineered jumper!

I guess what I'm trying to say here is that it is never unfashionable to try something new and flaunt it to the world. Hey there is no such rule as that! As long as you wear what you want to wear with your own style plus the right attitude, people will give a credit. Who cares who's watchin', right? Flaunt it!

Photo credits to Mariel Gallo (@mariyellish) and Onille Valeza (@onillevaleza18)

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